March 27, 2017

Felicity Jane Kit | Watercolor Beginner

I've been playing with watercolors lately and it's been a challenge. A fun one, but I still struggle with the fluid imperfection of it. My very linear brain wants to control the flow of the water and it just ain't gonna happen. So this is a good exercise in non perfection for me. To keep this creative thing going, I need to challenge myself and step out of the box. So this is me stepping.

I used pink and orange watercolors from my Zig Kuretake set to create the background. I like that shade of orange that was created where the two colors mixed. I thought this was a good colorful background for the Jane girl illustration from the Felicity Jane March kit.  There's something so parisian and ooh-la-lat about her. I wanted a bold splash of color behind her.

You see that hard line of pink on the right side of the watercolor? That's a boo-boo. It happens when you use too much water and don't blot it right away. A hard line of color pools and you get that up there. I'm a rookie, so it happens. I left it though because even though technically it's a mistake I kind of like the way it looks.

I hand cut the roses from a Felicity Jane patterned paper to give her someplace to sit. A fancy little shelf. A stamped sentiment and some black wave washi complete the card.

I like cards because they're tiny canvases I can stretch my creative trials (and errors) on. They're a much smaller investment than a big 12x12 layout. And when I make mistakes like on this one, I roll with it and move on to the next canvas.

Thanks so much for stopping by. This week I'm focusing on painted butterflies, globes and some project life spreads I've made this month. Be back soon!

SUPPLIES Jane Kit Jane Stamp | Jane Washi Strips

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