August 8, 2012

New Disney Video

This video just went up over at 2Peas. My assignment was to do a page using memorabilia. I went with some of the stuff I collected on a trip to Disney a few years ago. I needed just a few more pages to complete this album from 2008, so it was great to finally get this done! You can see a photo of the layout here.
I divided the page into three "ribbons" and adhered our room key, shopping receipt, Fast Pass and a brochure. I was able to fit quite a bit on this page along with one of my favorite photos from this trip. I used the "b" side, or non-themed side, of the Shoreline collection by American Crafts. It's one of my favorites this season.

The video is a little shorter than I normally do, I think I went crazy adjusting the speed. I'll have to keep my eye on that next time.