October 2, 2019

Disney + Goodbye

This is my blast from the past blog post. Old project that I forgot to post here. I like to spend most of my time making and dreaming up new ideas. So much so that sometimes I forget to share!

You can see the influence of Pinterest here and the absence of color in all it's stark glory. I pin a lot of craft rooms that are clean + trendy and very, very white. I translated this aesthetic to a layout. I like color too much for this to stick, but it was nice to branch out and do something different.


The whimsical Thickers font here are perfect for creating a journaled background that looks like handwriting. I love how the photo pops off the page even though there is not a speck of space left empty.

[photo detail]

I remember taking this photo and thinking that my son was getting so big. I wondered if this was the last 'flying with Daddy' shot that I would get. We rarely know when it's going to be the 'last' of anything and I'm glad that I captured this moment. Flying over Tomorrowland has always been one of his favorites.


My niece in her face painted glory. This little one is all girl and will pick leopard and sparkle every time. The feathers, dreamcatcher and purple in this Simple Stories collection worked with the bold photo and represent her at this age.