June 29, 2012

Light a Sparkler

This right here...
is where I've been. 40 pages done. It's for a special project and the details will be out very soon.

I just keep looking at that pile and I can't believe I did all of those in the past few weeks. Each one very different in design + color + special little somethings. You'd think I'd be totally burnt on creating, but I'm not. I ended up with a notebook full of sticky notes and ideas that I didn't get to use. I love the process of design and creating, but I've never pushed myself like that. It was a good experience.

Now, the technical side of the project, ugh, don't even get me started. I'm starting to think that I literally repel all technology. Everyone said "get a Mac, they're indestructible." Guess who was back at the Apple store two weeks after getting a new MacBook? The kid behind the counter said he couldn't figure out what I did to it, but it was definitely dead. They didn't even bother fixing it, just gave me a new one and sent me on my way. A week later I killed the video camera. Repel. It's what I do.

So give me a sec and I'll be back with more pages, news and some pics of what our family has been up to. In the meantime, enjoy the holiday and light a sparkler for me. I'm just about ready to put this project to bed.