October 28, 2016

VIDEO: We'R Memory Keepers Precision Tool versus the MISTI

A few months ago I purchased the MISTI stamp tool and I immediately fell in love! This handy, simple press helped me get the crisp, clear stamped images I had a hard time achieving. The cost was high - $49 for this little pink version. I didn't get the larger size ($65) or the 12x12 version ($99) because they were too expensive for a tool I wasn't sure I'd use much. 

Precision Press MISTI Stamping Tool Nancy Damiano

I was so excited to see that recently We'R Memory Keepers came out with their version of a stamp press. It's large and totally affordable at $30 for this larger size. I did a comparison video to see how it  measured up to the MISTI:

The Pros and Cons |

  • The Precision Press is large in size (7x7) and is closed on two side allowing for even larger sheets of paper to be stamped. 
  • The Precision Press has a preprinted aqua grid on the cover instead of the faded etching that the MISTI has. 
  • Both tools are made of sturdy acrylic and look like they will hold up nicely.
  • The MISTI includes two strong magnets and a magnetic base that securely hold the project in place. The Precision Press does not.
  • The MISTI has a foam pad lining the bottom of the tool. It gives a small amount of give, ideal for stamping. The Precision Press base is hard, flat plastic. 

The Verdict |

For the price factor alone, The Precision Press would be my choice. I notice no difference in the stamped image quality. I would love it even more if it included a magnetic base to securely hold down the paper. My work around for this is using a little bit of washi tape to hold it in place. Problem solved!

If you've tried the Precision Press or own a MISTI, let me know how you like it in the comments. I'd love to know what your experiences have been!

SUPPLIES | Click on the photo for more info:

We R Memory Keepers - Precision Press Stamping ToolMini MISTI - Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented

October 26, 2016

Process VIDEO: Shimelle's Go Now Go + Stitched Heart

I love versatile collection with a nod to theme. Shimelle's Go Now Go fits this style. It's perfect for scrapbooking travel memories, but I wanted to try to use it for more of an everyday moment. And it worked! 
American Crafts Shimelle Nancy Damiano

To see how the design came together, watch the video:

To highlight the bold colors in Go Now Go, I based the layout on white so they would shine. The detailed heart stitching is intricate and it did take some time to handstitch. I did while binging on Netflix - I love to multitask!

This design is a outside of my comfort zone, but I like how it turned out. While it does have the "hey that technique ate my photo" thing going on, it was fun to make. And that the crux of this making thing for me -  no rules and have fun creating!

SUPPLIES | Click on photos for more info:

American Crafts - Go Now Go Collection - 12 x 12 Paper PadAmerican Crafts - Go Now Go Collection - Puffy Stickers - Mini HeartsAmerican Crafts - Go Now Go Collection - Wooden ButtonsAmerican Crafts - Go Now Go Collection - Chipboard Stickers

Silhouette America - Cameo Version 2 - Electronic Cutting System - Starter Bundle    American Crafts - Go Now Go Collection - 6 x 6 Paper Pad       American Crafts - Go Now Go Collection - Enamel Dots - Hearts, Stars, Dots

October 25, 2016

Pinkfresh Indigo Hills + Cards

Pinkfresh Layout by @nancydamiano
I've been working on a lot of Maui photos lately. The beautiful Indigo Hills collection from Pinkfresh Studio has just the color palette and icons that are perfect for these photos. This one is a favorite (I have so many!). It's a replica of a photo we took on our honeymoon - same spot, same pose, many lifetimes later. 
Pinkfresh Maui Layout by @nancydamiano
This design started with the title. Right smack in the center of the page, bold blue and inside the blue space of the photo. I love how it underlines the "us" in the picture.
Pinkfresh Maui Layout by @nancydamiano
Stitching and movement are two of my go-to design techniques. Here they also ground the circle word die cuts and heart chipboard. I used the So Sweet Stamp Set to create the paint splotch effect around the circles. Splattering paint sometimes makes me nervous since I'm not that great at it. A stamp with three sets of splotches like this is golden!
The veneer clip from Indigo Hills holds the photo cluster together and adds a nice pop of gold to the layout.
Pinkfresh Maui Layout by @nancydamiano
Next, let's take a look at something I've been doing more and more lately - cards! These feature some of the new Pinkfresh stamp sets and more of the Indigo Hills collection.
Pinkfresh Studio Cards by @nancydamiano
Simple cards with bold sentiments are quick and easy to make. That's perfect for a beginner like me. I love how the words are the focus in both of these cards.
Pinkfresh Studio Cards by @nancydamiano
The background here was created by blending some Distress Ink and a little help from the star stamp in the cluster of stars in the Dream On Stamp. The sentiment is from the Best Things Stamp Set and is perfectly framed in a bed of stars. The whimsical balloon is from the Hello Hello Set.  I like to combine multiple stamp sets to get just the right look.
@nancydamiano | thepaperorchard.blogspot.com
This was a quick and simple one with a bold black sentiment from the So Sweet Stamp Set and pretty patterned hearts from the Indigo Hills Stamp Set
Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today. I've been blogging and editing video like mad - catching up after a long lazy summer and a crazy busy September!

SUPPLIES | click on photos for more info:

Pinkfresh Studio - Indigo Hills Collection - 12 x 12 Paper PackPinkfresh Studio - Indigo Hills Collection - Puffy StickersPinkfresh Studio - Indigo Hills Collection - Wood Clips with Foil AccentsPinkfresh Studio - Indigo Hills Collection - Puffy Stickers - Alphabet

Pinkfresh Studio - Indigo Hills Collection - Chipboard Stickers - HeartsPinkfresh Studio - Indigo Hills Collection - Die Cut Cardstock PiecesPinkfresh Studio - Indigo Hills Collection - Sticky Note PackPinkfresh Studio - Indigo Hills Collection - Clear Acrylic Stamps

October 15, 2016

Stamping + Ellen Hutson Giveaway

Ellen Hutson Stamping Nancy Damiano

I'm guest designing over at Ellen Hutson today and I've got a great giveaway  Head on over to their free CLASSroom to check out how this stamped shadowbox came together.

Nancy Damiano Stamping Pineapple Ellen Hutson
This was created with the Indigo Hills Collection and the Stay Golden stamp set by Julie Ebersole for Ellen Hutson. 
Nancy Damiano Pineapple Stamping Ellen Hutson

I also tried my hand at a few watercolored cards using the Stay Golden Stamp set and my Kuretake watercolors.
Ellen Hutson Stamping Nancy Damiano

Please leave me a comment by October 19th  below to be entered to win a $50 gift certificate from Ellen Hutson! 

October 14, 2016

Felicity Jane Kit + Blended Ink Technique

Moment Layout by Nancy Damiano | @FelicityJane
It's time to take out the inks and play! Let's combine a simple art blending technique into a scrapbook layout.  I started this design by cutting out the beautiful free cut file by Felicity Jane blog guest designer, Alex Hunter which can be found here for free!
I cut the title out five times out of white cardstock in the same size. Stacking these and adhering them together will add some texture to the title so that appears more like an epoxy title rather than plain, flat paper.
I used Multi Medium Matte adhesive and a needle nosed bottle to adhere the layers. I like the precision that the needle tip gives and this matte medium dries completely clear (even if you go outside the lines). The precision needle nosed tip is stainless and doesn't clog! Remember to set aside one of the die cuts to use for your top layer of ink blending. We'll adhere that one last.
I used a creamy pigment ink and a foam blending tool to get this smooth coverage. I also like Distress Ink for this technique. The trick here is to pick up a little ink and dab some off. It's best to apply thin layers of color. If you try to ink too fast and furious, you'll get blotches. Here I lightly inked the bottom in yellow and the very top in pink to coordinate with the colors in the Felicity Kit. 
Adhere the very top layer and you've completed a custom embellishment that's anything but flat! Here you can see just how much dimension it has. The title will really pop!
The story here is about "living in the momen", sipping a cool drink in Diagon Alley Universal Studios and just watching the world go by. I added a little themed nod to the wizard theme with a sprinkle of black stars (stamped and sequins) and some drops of gold paint.
My favorite go-to design is a simple grid. It's clean lines, pops of color and bits of fun embellishment make for pretty pages that are quick to create.
Who knew Harry Potter and Felicity Jane would make such a beautiful pair! 

October 12, 2016

American Crafts Halloween Party!

The decorations are all up and now it’s time to plan the tricks and treats! This cupcake tablescape was quick and easy to put together with the new American Crafts Halloween line. One of my favorite Halloween palettes is bold purple and lime with splashes of orange.

Nancy Damiano Halloween Table American Crafts

I set up a row of luminaries with electric candles inside for mood, a few treat tins full of cookies and spooky webbed garland to set the table.

Nancy Damiano Halloween Treat American Crafts

The Homemade with Love Treat Tins come in some colorful Halloween patterns. I dressed them up a little with cardstock stickers and embellishments.

Nancy Damiano Halloween Treats Table American Crafts

To create this simple banner, use pre-cut spider web doilies, fold in half and glue to black and white baker's twine. This one spans almost 10 feet long to cover the entire table, but you can customize and make it as long or short as you'd like. I love coordinated lines that make decorating super easy!

Nancy Damiano Halloween Treats Table American Crafts