October 28, 2016

VIDEO: We'R Memory Keepers Precision Tool versus the MISTI

A few months ago I purchased the MISTI stamp tool and I immediately fell in love! This handy, simple press helped me get the crisp, clear stamped images I had a hard time achieving. The cost was high - $49 for this little pink version. I didn't get the larger size ($65) or the 12x12 version ($99) because they were too expensive for a tool I wasn't sure I'd use much. 

Precision Press MISTI Stamping Tool Nancy Damiano

I was so excited to see that recently We'R Memory Keepers came out with their version of a stamp press. It's large and totally affordable at $30 for this larger size. I did a comparison video to see how it  measured up to the MISTI:

The Pros and Cons |

  • The Precision Press is large in size (7x7) and is closed on two side allowing for even larger sheets of paper to be stamped. 
  • The Precision Press has a preprinted aqua grid on the cover instead of the faded etching that the MISTI has. 
  • Both tools are made of sturdy acrylic and look like they will hold up nicely.
  • The MISTI includes two strong magnets and a magnetic base that securely hold the project in place. The Precision Press does not.
  • The MISTI has a foam pad lining the bottom of the tool. It gives a small amount of give, ideal for stamping. The Precision Press base is hard, flat plastic. 

The Verdict |

For the price factor alone, The Precision Press would be my choice. I notice no difference in the stamped image quality. I would love it even more if it included a magnetic base to securely hold down the paper. My work around for this is using a little bit of washi tape to hold it in place. Problem solved!

If you've tried the Precision Press or own a MISTI, let me know how you like it in the comments. I'd love to know what your experiences have been!

SUPPLIES | Click on the photo for more info:

We R Memory Keepers - Precision Press Stamping ToolMini MISTI - Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented


  1. Good to see! I like having the magnets though.

  2. You're vid is coming up as private for me Nancy, I'll pop back later, interested to see!

    1. A little technical difficult. It will be up Friday. Sorry about that!!

  3. Also looks like the MISTI can do the Cling mount rubber and the WRMKs cannot.

  4. Hi, the video is coming up as private for me? I am interested to watch :)

  5. very interesting. thanks for sharing

  6. I'm a huge fan of the misti, it is the little touches (like the magnets) that make a huge difference for me.

  7. Thank you for the video. I love seeing comparables that are not from the company itself.
    2 things that concern me right from the start:
    1) WRMK cannot be used for rubber stamping.....the Misti will allow stamping with clear & rubber by removing the foam pad.
    2) You mentioned the WRMK has a printed grid on the clear top. To me that says it can wear off. Now I am not sure if it is on the outside, which would make more sense. But that is where the special cleaner would possibly be necessary to maintain the integrity of the printing.
    I am not sure if you knew that you can use longer papers in the Misti when stamping with clear stamps as the cover sits on top of the edge. It won't crease or bend your paper.
    Happy to hear crisp images are obtainable with both tools! Great for those who cannot afford the pricier Misti.

  8. Could not use precision press with my Stampin Up clear stamps????

    1. The hinge on the WRMK one floats up and down to allow for different thickness. You can use the clear mount SU stamps. You also don't have to worry about removing a foam pad or anything to make it work. The magnets also aren't necessary, because you just line it up in the corner every time.