March 28, 2017

Designing a Page | Elle' Studio March Kit

Circle, circles, circles. I haven't met one I didn't love. It's one of my design go to's when I want to create a quick bold look. So this month when I opened my Elle's Studio March kit, the first thing that hit me was this collection of large vellum circles in navy, aqua, lime, and sunshine yellow. Complete with sentiments in the center - hello beautiful!

I thought about the words and shuffled around the colors a bit when looking through photos I keep aside to scrap. The one of the kids jumped out at me - it went perfectly with both. They are still very much at a monkey-see, monkey-do stage and in this photo their sense of humor and bond comes shining through. This is what I wanted to say and now I had just the right kit to do it with - thank you Elle's Studio!

So first things first - I lined up those beautiful vellum circles photo right underneath the photo to call attention to it. That decision led to lining everything up in the center of the page - so that's where I went next.

Up at the very top I centered everything. An aqua acrylic star, the acrylic friends title and some stamped sentiments. They all frame out the photo, add texture and pops of color. The centering ties everything together.

Once I had everything lined up, I was thinking about "what am I going to add that's a little design twist." That's always the goal when I'm creating. I had a package of the kit sequins right next to my workspace and though, "hey, what if I just put the package right on the page?". That led me to create a small shaker out of a divided page protector. I tucked it right under the photo and I think it lends that element of interesting and pop of color. Clear pockets filled with fun are always fun.

And that's it - the story of how the layout came to be. It's so easy to create when the hard work of design has been started for you. I can always, always count on Elle's Studio to give me great colors and shapes to work with. That's half the design battle right there! Check out more beautiful designs by Elle here.

Thanks for stopping by! Coming up tomorrow I have painted butterflies and art. See you then.


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