March 9, 2011

Cricut Christmas Pops

I have an old Cricut Circle project to share with you today. I made these cookie pops with the Cricut Cake machine this past Christmas. Nico and I spent a Saturday morning in the kitchen rolling out fondant (very, very thinly) and trying out the Cricut Cake machine. He loved to watch it cut. Getting the super-thin fondant onto the cookies was tricky, but I think they came out pretty good. 

We made six different pops and then placed them in these glass jars from AC Moore. They were cute placeholders for our holiday dinner. The kids loved them, but be forewarned - placing a cookie pop in front of 5 year old and then serving a chicken dinner could be torturous (for the kids & the parents too!).

I've been working on taping a video of my scrapbook process. I hope to have it soon and look forward to sharing it with you!


  1. Cute pops, I would even have trouble eating my meal, looking at them. Looking forward to your video.