March 29, 2011

Emma's Shoppe by Crate

I had a lot of fun playing with Emma's Shoppe by Crate Paper this week. It's pretty unusual for me to make "pink, girly" pages, but every once in a while I have a story about my niece and I get to indulge in more feminine styles. To tell you the truth, it was hard! I'm not sure I achieved the exact look I was going for, but I guess this is as girly as I get.
This layout is copyright Two Peas in a
 The page is about my niece and how I love to indulge in buying her outfits and matching accessories. She gets so excited every time she sees me with a bag from Gymboree. It's funny how she can't read, but she knows that logo. I've included a picture of her as a newborn in the very first denim Gap dress that I bought her and then some current pictures from this past summer.
 My favorite part of the layout is this spool of thread. I made it out of a journaling sticker from Crate's Family Portrait line. The shape reminded me of a spool.  I wound the yellow string around the sticker and then added the buttons and pin. I tried to highlight the clothes theme with the size sticker, buttons, spool end stickers and fabric trim.

This was fun and pink and girly, but I'm ready to return to the wonderful world of BOYS!

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