November 25, 2012

Jillibean Pumpkin Chowder Soup

First, a page I made for the Jillibean Soup blog using the Country Pumpkin Chowder collection. It's about Nico and how thankful we are to have him and how much he changed our lives. I used pictures from the past - I think he was a year old in those and then some from years later. I like using 'then' and 'now' photos on a page. You can see how quickly kids change.
I love the little trees in this collection, so I used them as a focal point of the design. The sewn triangles lead the eye to my favorite photo. The pop of orange and intertwined circles add texture and interest to the design.

And speaking of thankful, we've been coming down from the carb overload otherwise known as Thanksgiving. It was crazy and loud and everything we love. Too much food, lots of family and kids running around. We totally crashed this weekend...
And then he opened the book. The most important book of the season. Hello Toys R Us.
He gets a Sharpie and methodically looks at each and every thing. Then he circles like mad. We went from Thanksgiving to Christmas in the span of one toy book.


  1. This is an awesome page!! Love it!!

  2. GREAT page Nancy. And yes, from one holiday to the next in just ONE day...crazy, crazy times- but such a blessing!