November 6, 2012

Hello Halloween

Halloween finally came for kids in New Jersey last night. And these three were non the wiser that they missed it by almost a week.
We followed the usual traditions....the cousins, grandparents, pizza party and dressed the house up. We've been celebrating this way since Nico was born.
But it was hard. My heart really wasn't 100 percent into it for the first time. It's hard to move on when there's so much devastation in my home State. Heck, half the kids across town are still in the dark. My niece and nephew haven't been to school since the 26th.
And yet...we get up everyday and try to get back to our routines. Support our neighbors, donate, celebrate, count our blessings and keep traditions. Life goes on.


  1. I agree Nan but it made us feel better seeing those little smiles coming to the door. Glad to see the kids had a chance for something fun in the midst of all this sorrow.

  2. I have been wondering how your were, knowing you live out in Jersey too. I am glad you are well. I hope that those without power do get it restored soon!! Hoping this snow that is coming in doesn't hinder things and knock out those with their power as well. Love the photos! Can't wait to see them on a page.

  3. Nancy- sorry to hear about this. I have been praying and praying for all the storm victims-what a truly devasting thing to ordeal, and at this time of the year...But so glad that you didn't let it knock you down completely. We are still cleaning up and dealing with strom damage too-but not on the scale as NJ.
    Warm smiles..