June 7, 2010

Getting Titles Right

I had a great question from a blogger recently about how I get my layout titles straight since I tend to use a mixture of fonts and sizes. I thought the rest of my blog readers might be interested in the answer as well.

These are the clear acetate sheets that most pre-glued embellishments and stickers come on. Instead of trashing them, I collect them! I have a small box of different sizes and lengths. One of the sides is always coated so that stickers come off easily and that makes them really easy to work with. I test out all of my titles on these sheets before putting them down on a layout.

I don't always want a straight title, so I'll just use the clear acetate to see how the title fits in the space. Other times (like above), I want a perfectly straight title so I place the acetate on top of a piece of grid pattern paper and then line up my letters. This makes getting the right spacing and straight lines a snap!

Here is the finished product and a sneak peek at the layout that I'm currently working on. Hopefully, I'll finish it tonight and have it up tomorrow.

And thanks to Callie for the great question!

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