June 11, 2010

At the Zoo

This is my little guy at the Philadelphia Zoo this week and that is his new "smile." I don't know where he got it from, but I swear that grin looks like the monkey on his shirt. They look like twins.

My brave boy insisted on riding this camel alone. He said that he wanted his very own camel and that was fine by me. He hung on for dear life with his skinny little legs.

See that look up there. That the universal naughty little boy look. I should have recognized it and anticipated. The minute I put the camera down and looked away, he attempted to mount that poor animal and ride it like a horse. A scuffle ensued. Neither animal or boy was hurt, but Mama was embarassed and MAD and scared! Nico claimed that he didn't know that he couldn't ride this animal but this picture proves him wrong.

And lastly, the reason we don't eat our young - sometimes they are just too cute for words.

Have a great weekend! I'll be back Monday with layouts. Promise!

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