June 14, 2010

Aliens,Trains & Dinner

Isn't it funny how kids do the same exact thing every single day for months & months and then one day, they just stop? That's what happened with our dinner alien stories recently, so I wanted to make a page before the memory completely fades. I can't tell you how happy I am that I took these pictures last year.
Getting Nico to eat dinner was a challenge. He was slow and distracted and antsy. Sometimes dinner was/is a torturous process for him and US! One day, Patrick started telling him a story about how these aliens sat down next to him on the train and Nico was just mesmerized. We made a rule that Papa would continue with the story only if Nico continued eating. This is what we call creative parenting and it worked like a charm!
This went on for about 9 months and then slowly Nico developed more patience at the dinner table. Today, we talk about our day, what we're doing tomorrow and who Nico played with. The alien stories only come up once every few weeks. I miss the stories and Nico's funny reactions. But I also love that he is growing up and we can actually have dinner conversation now. One day when he's a teenage boy and eating me out of house and home, it will be funny to look back at a time when we had to cajole Nico into eating (even pizza).
Supply list: Scallop paper, alien, grey & yellow papers: Orbit Collection by Crate Paper. Aqua and text paper: October Afternoon. Title: Thickers (black), October Afternoon. Journaling Card: October Afternoon. Stick pin: Making Memories. Aliens: American Crafts. Metal Studs: Recollections.

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