May 5, 2010

His Best Pal

Oh thank you powers that be over at Basic Grey for making this great Max & Whiskers collection. The color palette is a perfect combination of my favorite colors. The dogs are supercute without looking weird and many of the patterns can be used for my non-pet pages too.

This one up above though, is one of the dog pages that I've had in mind for a while now. These are some of my favorite pictures of Nicolas with my Dad's dog, Boo Boo (as in ouch). My family tends to go for eccentric pet names. Come to think of it, my uncle has had dogs named Godzilla, Leroy, Killer and Corona, all of them lap dogs. So I guess Boo Boo isn't that bad.

We don't own a dog, but all of Nicolas' grandparents do. Boo Boo is the only dog out of the four that will play with him. These two have a special understanding - Boo plays and allows himself to be gently hugged and Nico gives him food. It's really funny to watch. Boo Boo is 14 years old now and I wanted to create this page so Nico could remember his first best pal.

Every single thing on this page is from Basic Grey except for the aqua letters (Thickers) and the brown ball ribbon (Maya Road). It came together in a snap because BG designers did an amazing job on their products!

Until the next post...
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