May 6, 2016

Design Your Story - American Crafts Dear Lizzy Happy Place

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The Story | This one is about my son and his love of the clear, blue Caribbean. It's the first thing I thought of when I first looked at this picture. The clarity and color of that water and that big goofy grin. I also thought about telling the story of those two missing teeth, but I'll get to that one later. That very first thought is usually what I build the journaling around. Because I find that's the most authentic when telling a story. Always go with your first gut reaction to a photo. It's what you remember most and that's important!

Design |  I wanted to create something clean and layered to go with this bold photo. White is my go to background because photos and colors really pop on a clean background. 

I divided the design in two. Stacking all of the watercolored die cut words down the right side of the layout gives it a bold impact. I really wanted those words to stand out. To balance that out, on the opposite side are layers and layers of patterned paper and that beautiful acetate sheet. If you look at the design, there's an "invisible line" vertically down the page dividing the die cut words (on the right) and then everything else lined up along the left. This is an example of balance and repetition in design. And it's easy!

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