March 15, 2013

He's Crafty

We celebrated 100 days of school a few weeks ago. The assignment - decorate a shirt with exactly 100 items. He insisted we go to Michael's. He picked out the foam shapes. Chose a matching shirt himself. And then insisted on laying out the entire design on his own.
He likes to make stuff. Wants to do it all on his own with no suggestions from the Mom peanut gallery. He told me 'Mom, I have this' a dozen times. I stepped away and he did his thing.

I think he did good, that little crafty boy of mine.


  1. So cute!! Of course, he "has this". He's got his Mom's crafty genes. :)

  2. He did a great job! He's definitely "got it"!

  3. The craft gene does not fall far from the tree. Amazing job on the shirt!

  4. He did a terrific job on his shirt! He's got his mother's talent for design!