March 14, 2013

Dear Lizzy's Lucky Charm + Video

Scrap Your Stash

Every 4 weeks I dig into my stash and pull out something I've been sitting on for a while. You know those embellishments that keep piling up or that collection pack that gets buried under the new stuff.

It's a challenge coming up with new ways to use things up. I'm much better at hoarding them. That's why having a video assignment like this is good for me. It forces me to think out of the box (I try to anyway) and I make a dent in my collection. My stash of flair was up this week.

And this is the end result....

There's a process video so you can see how it came together...
And then a few of the other examples I worked on. This first one is a 'border of flair'. What I love most about it is the Lucky Charm collection with it's bold red and navy colors and beautiful patterns. You'd think the collection is more on the feminine side, but I've been using it a lot for layouts about Nico.
These are photos + stories about the first time he visited the Hershey Chocolate Factory in Pennsylvania. His little chocoholic self was loving it!
This next layout shows a cluster of flair, leading the eye around the page. The photos are old. Nico was right around four here and that was his cute BFF Abby. They were very sweet together and I'm glad I got this memory down in his book.

Still working on doing more videos for the blog. I enjoy it, just wish I had more time!


  1. I just watched your video over at two peas and didn't even realise that I follow you already. \i really want to try that top layout as I love a starburst design!

  2. Whaowwwww ! It's beautiful ! I love these pages !

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