February 14, 2017

Love + Elle's Studio

Today is all about the love. I hope you are celebrating it with your people! I've been making a lot of heart themed pages lately. In the spirit of the month of February and maybe to chase the weary ugly days of winter in the Northeast. 

So let's celebrate things we love. In this case - toys! This is a closeup shot of the Toys ‘R Us flagship store located in Times Square. It has a ferris wheel right smack in the center of the store and it’s my son’s favorite spot in all of New York City.

Nancy Damiano Elle's Studio

I wanted to create a dreamy look to this design in contrast to the bold photo. Creating a frame of love and dreams was the objective. The puffy heart stickers were the perfect accent for this story. To create the raining clouds of words, I used a sewing machine to sew lines. The lines created the perfect place to anchor the Puffy Heart Stickers!

Nancy Damiano Elle's Studio
Layers of white clouds cut from vellum gave the top of the design an airy feel and anchored those sewn lines. This is literally a shower of love (for toys).

Using four different colors of the Letter and Number Stickers created a nice subtle sprinkle of words down the layout. A few glittery white enamel dots added just a punch of a different texture to the layout.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this page about things we love. Happy Valentine's Day!

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