August 20, 2015

Process Video + Scraptastic Kit

Nancy Damiano // The Paper Orchard. Process Video

KIT | Scraptastic July Kit 

STORY |  I made this layout to document a seasonal tradition. At the start of every summer,  I make my  entire family ride the flying swings. Some go more willingly than others. I don’t have to force the kids, it’s the adults that give me lip.


Our first trip to the boardwalk and this ride mark the beginning of the season. This time I was able to capture that tradition with a flying  iPhone shot. Luckily I didn’t lose the phone and captured this great picture of my shoes over the boards. The colors in the photos + the candy colors in the kit went together like PB&J.

VIDEO | Take a look at the video to see how the design process came together:

I was able to highlight my favorite part of the kit – those big, colorful dots. Keeping the design on the clean and linear side compliments the photo + the ‘stuff’.  And that’s where I’m happiest creating.


  1. I love how colorful and clean this page is! You make it look so easy :)

  2. Such an amazing layout! Couldn't pin it fast enough. ;)

  3. This is fabulous!! I LOVE the enamel dots on this as a united element. That photo is fantastic!!