December 3, 2012

New Christmas Video

Another new video for 2Peas. Yup, two in a row for me this month. I don't even remember why it was scheduled that way, something to do with an extra Monday in November I think. It's my last one in the Memory Keeping Mondays series and I enjoyed it.
The story is about Nico and our tradition of reading Christmas books during this time of year.
I combined a lot of older October Afternoon from last year and a few new things I picked up this year. The vellum pocket is something I sketched out months ago and was waiting to use on the just the right page. I thought the wood stars would like super cool through the vellum. I do like how the title shines through this colorful page.

Take a look at how it came together. PS. Sorry about the background 'noise'. There was a neighborhood football game going on in my backyard. I didn't realize how crazy loud they were being!


  1. Such a cute page!!! I love the vellum pocket holding your title. :)

  2. I love the different supplies on this page!
    What glue did you use for the stars?