July 31, 2012

Hot Summer Days

It's been HOT! Like so hot, you can't really do anything but swim. And the humidity is extra steamy, even for the northeast. So we've been spending a lot of time with family here...
Nico is fearless. He loves slides and diving boards and sneaking over to the deep end.
Mario is the eldest cousin. Causes no trouble, defends his sister and tries to keep Nico in line.
Yessi immediately poses whenever she sees a camera. She's all drama, bossy girl and sugar rolled into one. We adore her.
And he loves nothing more than to annoy the ever living heck out of her. I swear it thrills him.
They are cousins and they're growing up together just as I'd hoped. They love to be together, argue, swim and play (in that order).
And a sneak at what I've been doing with the stacks of pool pics I've been collecting. Layout should be up at twopeasinabucket.com very soon.

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