April 15, 2010

Our Soccer Star

The first thing that I noticed when I uploaded these pictures, is that little drooping letter "r" in the title. It is not like this on the layout. It just shifted when I was taking the pictures. It's driving me nuts, but not enough to take the pictures all over again. My apologies!

Nico started T-Ball this week and it reminded me that I still hadn't touched his soccer pictures from this past Fall. I wanted to tell the funny stories from his first time participating on a sports team. I've never been a big fan of sports, so I was surprised at how into it I got. Patrick was the coach, so I felt a certain responsibility to the team I guess. There I found myself week after week, snacks in hand, rooting for the team, screaming like a woman when my son actually made a goal and keeping score (even though we're not supposed to). I spread all of my pictures out and realized that there were no real "stellar" shots that I was in love with. Most weeks I forgot to take pictures or I was so into the game, that I didn't take enough shots.

I did however, get enough pictures to show Nico's personality on the field. His bossiness, his tenacity and his lack of fear. He wasn't afraid, but every time he went head to head with a child who was clearly a foot taller and double his weight, I cringed. Nico reminded me of a chihuahua trying to run with the big dogs.

I love these mediocre shots and wanted to use them all. That's where the idea of the grid came from. I went all the way across the two pages and then decided to plant the huge blue star on the side as a bold splash of color and form. It's simple, clean and to the point.

The dotted cardstock is from Bo Bunny. The big blue star is from an old school line by Creative Imaginations. The soccer tag and balls are from Karen Foster and the title is a combination of Doodlebug and Thickers. Thanks for taking a look!

I am off for a scrappy weekend down the shore with my girls. I should have plenty of scrappy goodness to share when I get back.

Until the next post..
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