August 8, 2010


And just like that, my boy turned 5 this past week. Part of me wants to say, "that went fast", but in reality it wasn't fast at all.

Maybe I feel that way because I've been there with him every day for the past five years, or since I knew he would be an only child I stayed in the moment more, or maybe because he was a preemie and took so long achieving each milestone, I was really ready for him to grow out of each stage.

I dunno, I just feel like we are where we should be. I'm really enjoying being a mom to a 5-year old boy with all of the independence, noise, love, dirt and mischief that goes along with it. He is absolutely the best thing that ever happened to me (even on the days that I want to bang my head up against a wall. Ha.). We are grateful and blessed to have him.

Nicolas' very first picture. August 2005.

What a difference a year makes! August 2006.

Serving his ring bearer duties at 3 years old. August 2008.

Celebrating turning 5 with his cousins. August 2010.
So I've been busy celebrating, throwing birthday parties and hosting sleepovers. I have a ton of new pictures, but no time to scrap. I'll be back early this coming week with more layouts. Promise!

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