April 6, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Here are a few shots from Easter morning. This is Nico following the bunny trail.

The Easter bunny leaves a trail of little nests all over our house. That sneaky, messy bunny! Nico loves this and it's my favorite Easter tradition.

He was so excited about his baskets that he would not look up for a picture. This was the best I could get. And I tried, I really did. I guess it is kind of cruel to have him sit between all those toys and not be able to touch them. This year's theme was SUPERHEROES for sure (with a little Toy Story thrown in for variety). I can't wait to scrap these. I guess I'll have to figure out a way to mix Batman and Easter - that should be really interesting!
I've been busy working on some old baby pictures and soccer league. One of these should be up later this week.
Until the next post...
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  1. Hi Nan. I love the bunny trail idea. How cute is that? Of course, I see that Nico's pjs are Easter jammies. He's cracking me up that he wouldn't look up for the pics. Too funny.