December 20, 2010

Naughty or Nice?

With just 5 more days to go, my little pip is trying so very hard to be on his best behavior. Last week, I caught him having a conversation with the smoke detector in his room (he thinks it's a Santa Cam, but that's another story). He was pleading his case for being on the nice list while I listened just outside the door and tried not to laugh.
This layout was made for Right at Home Scrapbooking.
When I came across this 'Nice or Naughty' list paper, I knew I had to do this page. You see Nico's behavior is either very nice or very naughty, there is no in between with him. Last year we had a running checklist with nice and naughty days and he very barely made it on that nice list.

This year we didn't do the checklist because I figured I was never going to allow him to be fully on the naughty list or suffer those consequences, so why even do it. Thank goodness that turning five has made a world of difference and Nico finds himself having many many more nice days. The stubborn streak and bossiness are still very much there, but he has learned to reign it in and let Mom be the boss.

Here's to another year of Nico the Nice!


  1. Totally cute page! And oh. my. gosh! The Santa-Cam! I LOOOOVE it! I soooo need to use that! ;) LOLOLOL!

  2. Darling LO and hilarious story about the smoke detector. You are quite inventive...I like it! ;-)

  3. Always, always, your layouts are just so amazing!!! That's a great idea, a Santa Cam, but definitely not in the smoke detector, that'd be against CODE! LOL

  4. Beautifully designed page Nancy! Hilarious story! boy Max who is 6 now was exactly the same, at Nico's age :o)

  5. Let's hear it for Nico the Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gotta tell you, I love both of your ideas for bargaining tools...the naughty or nice list is a great idea, but, boy do I LOVE the Santa Cam one!!! Do you think it's too late to try that on my 19 year old DS???

  6. Nancy, I KNOW it's a long shot, but do you happen to have ANY info on the santa and reindeer paper at the bottom of your layout?