December 29, 2010

Christmas Roundup

A little Christmas roundup....
Ah, there's nothing like sitting at the kids' table on Christmas Eve. Such well behaved little angels. Ha! I tried to make it cute, dressed the table up just for them with matching glasses and decorations and place cards. And still, it was a race to eat as quickly as possible and be excused from the table. But not before pelting the little plastic snowflake confetti at each other. Because you know it wouldn't be Christmas Eve dinner without a little mischief and one small temper tantrum (Little Miss Y). One day we will miss this right?
Oh and this beauty of a picture right up here? This will end up in one of the boys' wedding videos for sure. I'll make a point of it. Just looking at it makes me laugh out loud and hum "you've got a friend in me". Hmm... I think that might be a page.
A cheesy little grin after opening the much coveted Phineas and Ferb guitar. One of the top 3 items on his list.
Happy like a 5-year-old on Christmas morning. There is nothing better than that!

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  1. Holy Flip, Nancy!!!! So happy for you! You are on a major roll . . . Pink Paislee and now Two Peas Garden Girl! Soooo well-deserved! Woot! woot! ;)