June 26, 2010

Oh Heck Yeah

So two weeks ago DH came home and said, "I need a break. Book something now. Anywhere." He didn't need to ask me twice. I hopped on Expedia and had us booked on a vacation in a New York minute. I didn't have the usual time to plan our trip or get any hotel recommendations so I went with this...

I will be sleeping on this bed very soon. Oh heck yeah.

And I will be taking an outdoor shower in this. Yup, I basically picked a hotel because of it's beach beds and a bathroom. Let's hope that I've made a good decision. How bad could it be?

  1. Passports have been found.
  2. Grandparents are in place. We've decided that the boy wouldn't like the beach bed or the shower.
  3. Very stressed out husband is happy.

I can't say exactly when we're going, internet security and all that stuff...but it's getting close and I'm excited. I've got blog posts and layouts lined up on auto-post, so you won't miss a beat with my absence.

Keeping my fingers crossed that beach beds and outdoor showers, a vacation make!

I'll be back tomorrow with a new layout I've been working on...

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