April 19, 2017

Creative Backgrounds + Felicity Jane

Hello pretty little kit. That's what I think every month when I open the striped black and white box of Felicity Jane goodness. These are some beautifully designed kits and I look forward to getting them every month.
Today's challenge was to make a creative background and somehow combine it with this photo of my son snorkeling in the Bahamas. I pushed it around for a while when I thought "bubbles" - and that's where the idea for the circle background started. 
Bloop by @nancydamiano | @felicityjaneI used an electronic die cutting machine to cut out circles in 1-3/4", 3/4" and 1/4" sizes. I think I used just about every single patterned in the Caroline kit. I love it that much! By scattering them through the design, there is plenty of color and movement - perfect for my underwater story.
Bloop by @nancydamiano | @felicityjane
To give the circles a little lift (and interest), I cut out an extra circle. Next I folded it in half and adhere just one side to an existing circle on the layout. Fluff a bit, and you have a floating 3-D bubble. I love how the shape and texture ties in to my snorkeling theme.
Bloop by @nancydamiano | @felicityjane
To ground the photo, I used a pink and white patterned paper from the kit. I love how subtle this design is. Perfect for allowing my journaling to shine through. A rubber charm title and heart draw the eye to the words. I tucked the title "BLOOP" just under the photo vertically to really highlight the area. I want the eye to always go back to my photo, despite the beautiful background! 
Bloop by @nancydamiano | @felicityjane
Creating unique backgrounds is a fun way to get creative and tell a story. The Caroline kit is super versatile. I love that I was able to add my own theme and background. Bloop!

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  1. Gorgeous! I love the patterned circles and that some of them are layered.