October 27, 2015

String Arrows + Hip Kit Club

My favorite kind of design is one that has that little bit something different. I definitely have a clean, linear style but I like change, and especially in design.


Here, the string arrow takes center stage. It divides the page in half. The top is all about the photo and embellishments while the bottom contains a large golden title.

Something else that's really different here is the lack of journaling. I think that's a first for me. One that I probably won't repeat very much, because I like words and stories way too much. I know great designers who are able to tell their stories without words, but that is so not me.

The colors came from the October Hip Kit. It's all about aqua, coral, woodgrain and gold. It was a beautiful starting point!

SUPPLIES: October Hip Kit | Golden Alphabet | Cedar Lane Ephemera | Gold Leaf Clips | Foil Tape Pack


  1. Beautiful and soft color combo. Even without any journaling (yep, a bit odd) it's your style.