October 7, 2015

American Crafts Intro + Design Team Thoughts

American Crafts |  Nancy Damiano
I'm over on the American Crafts blog today with an intro post. Come by for a how-to on this page plus some random facts about me and what I love about designing.

SUPPLIES: Faceted Alphabet | Script Foam Words | Finders Keepers Paper | Finders Keepers Die Cuts

Feeling seriously grateful for being included on this team (with Jen Chapin, Gina Lideros and Evelyn Pratiwi Yusuf).  I love the designs that American Crafts brings to market and I'm so excited to part of the experience. This one was a huge surprise for me!

I've never had a goal to make this specific team or that one. I think that type of goal setting can be a great motivator and a good thing. But for me, any type of competition kills the spark of creativity. So I've learned to just make things that excite me whether they receive recognition or not. 

I've had my fair share of teams that I didn't make and complete failures. Not taking that rejection personally is a choice. I learned that making a team is such a subjective thing and not the best way to seek validation. Doing your absolute best work is the validation. Success or failure, it always comes back to what I really love - telling a good story. Even if I'm the only one listening.