April 7, 2011

Green Army Guy

What is it about little boys and these green army guys? Nico's loved them since he first set eyes on them years ago in the first Toy Story movie. He can sit and play with them for hours.
Once he realized that I was taking pictures, he wanted to pose for me. And so, he gave me a little of his natural bossiness.

And a bit of cheese never hurt...
It's so good to have this little guy in the house. He makes me smile every single day (and on some "special" days I wanna cry too). Ha! 

And now I just want to sit down and scrap these right now. Soon. Very soon.


  1. Hope you have the Toy Story cartridge Nancy! It has the little green army men from the movie on it!

    Great pics!


  2. Your pictures are fabulous! He is such a cutie. Love your work and can't wait to see the layout!

  3. Melissa, believe it or not - I do not have the Toy Story cartridge. I think I may need to track one down!