March 25, 2015

Disneyland Carsland Opener

STORY | This will be the first page of my Disneyland album this year. It's the reason we went after all. The kids picked California because they wanted to visit Carsland. It's one of the handful of photos that we have of our group and is perfect for telling this story.

DESIGN | I kept this design pretty straightforward and simple. I started with the bold polka dot print to ground the large, bold photo. I placed the photo right where the pattern meets the white card stock. This is a major focal point and it's where your eye goes immediately! 

The target card in a pretty, contrasting teal color repeats the circle shape and balances out the photo. The large white star fades into the background and adds some shape and texture to the white area. The bold black and white word bubble stickers point right to the journaling - so the story doesn't get lost.

KIT | Counting Stars Kit by Scraptastic (February 2015)


  1. so glad your sharing your work again. I have missed your layouts. keep them coming for your fans!

  2. This is wonderful!!!!!!! So happy you're blogging again!