October 2, 2012

Video: Witch Hazel Halloween

A new video up today at 2Peas. This time using October Afternoon's Witch Hazel line and some vintage pictures of Nico. He's been poring over the Halloween catalogs for weeks, trying to narrow down what he'd like to be this year. At this point, it's a tossup between Anakin Skywalker, Red Power Ranger and Zorro. I have no idea where Zorro came from. What can I say, the kid has eclectic taste.

It brought back memories of when I pored over those catalogs and got to choose what I wanted him to be. I loved picking out his costume. So I made a page about it, so that I don't forget him in all his spooky cuteness.

Here's a peek at how the page came together:
You can check out the layout and some detailed shots here.


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