October 10, 2012

2Peas Halloween

I recently made this layout for the 2Peas Garden. My assignment was to do a Halloween themed page. I chose these photos of Nico dressed as batman from a few years ago. The pictures were almost all black and gray - not a very inspiring color palette.
This layout is copyright twopeasinabucket.com
I went with a teal, orange and gray color scheme to compliment to the Batman costume. The bold background really lets the photos stand out.
The design is super simple. Probably one of the 'cleanest' pages I've made all year. I'll be honest - I'm not sure I'm too crazy about it. The one thing I do love are the enamel dots in this picture. I've gotten them in every color and have added them too all of my projects lately. They add just the right amount of subtle 'pop'. The page though - well, it may or may not be a re-do layout down the line. Let's see if it grows on me!


  1. I love the little bat addition and those dots too!

  2. I love it! It may be too clean for you, but you have a lot of little details that are so you. The little pennants (and you even lined up the pattern!) the sewing around the circle, enamel dots (I love them too). I love the little bat too. You always have such fab photos!! I think it will grow on you.. well I hope!!! It's a great page.