September 13, 2012

From Summer to Fall...

It seems like we went from this...
to this...
Layout copyright
in the blink of an eye. 

The pictures are from last year, but the layouts are new. The summer one is my last Bella Blvd assignment using the Sunshine & Happiness line. I did decide to step down from the team last month to free up some of my summer. Loved my time at Bella, they were a fantastic company to work for - not to mention they make super cute lines!

The school layout is from the gallery. It almost all Basic Grey Clippings with a bit of Crate thrown in. I'm so happy that I took some of these detailed shots of Nico's preschool backpack and sneakers. He has grown up so much since then. 

I take a lot of pictures. Like really a lot and sometimes I wonder if its overkill. But then when I look back at Nico's baby pictures, I only regret the ones that I didn't take. I guess the answer is that I'll continue to be that Mom - the one who brings her camera to the bus stop the Lego store and everywhere else life happens (with no regrets). 

Believe it or not, I'm still buried under a pile of laundry and knee-deep in packing away summer clothes. Football practice is in full swing and I'm finally getting back into the swing of making something every day. More to share soon.


  1. I need to get a photo of Ben with his back pack on his back. I think the back pack is bigger than him!! LOL Maybe I need to drop him off at school a bit early to get some extra pics in his class room or something. One day last week when picking him up, I had my high schooler with and we found her 4th grade teacher and I snapped a photo of the two of them. Bummed to find out she will be retiring before Ben makes it to 4th grade. My camera goes everywhere. ;) Yes, I am that mom too. I have pics of the kids at the Lego store, Target, the MOA, you name it. I too am like you as I regret the photos I didn't take even though I take a lot too.

    Summer did go by fast, didn't it! I love your pages!! You always have such fun designs and details. That Clippings line goes so well with Nico's photo. :) I love the abc's in the red strip.

  2. Very Happy to hear you'll be creating something every day! woot woot! :0) I had *those* parents...the ones who took pics of *everything* and I am REALLY happy I did! I have 1000's of pics of my childhood and I love it! I am now *that* mom and if my kids (and my nieces and nephews because I take just as many pics of them!) turn out anything like me...they'll be super happy I was too! So snap on! :)