September 4, 2012

Been Out to Sea

We've been away, sailing with Mickey on the Disney Fantasy...
For the past two years, Nico has been begging and pleading to go on a Disney cruise. Anytime he heard "vacation", he'd say "Disney cruise?".  I think it could have something to do with the half-hour commercials they had running on Disney Junior - marketing at its finest!
It was everything a Disney cruise should be. So glad that we had the opportunity to do this while he is still at an age to appreciate the magical kid stuff...
like having a constellation of stars on the ceiling of your bunk bed. No ordinary constellations either - Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinkerbell are hidden among the stars.
A kids' club that brings your favorite movie to life.
A Pirate Night Party, where Dad (and Mom)  can play dress-up with you.
Made complete with an appearance by Captain Jack Sparrow, a sword fight and fireworks.
Two pools, a Mickey slide and a crazy water roller coaster. 
A verandah for relaxing...
and discovering new things.
Framed art throughout the ship that comes alive when you wave your magic badge in front of it. Leading you on a wild chase through the ship until you solve the mystery.
A different Disney show every night.
Crazy towel animals at bedtime.
And pillows that wish you a good night!

We had a great time, relaxed, laughed, explored and all of that good stuff. And now, I'm happy to be home. Buried under a mountain of laundry, photos and the first day of school prep. I'm definitely looking forward to getting back into my Fall routine after this crazy summer. I'll share more of my favorite cruise photos over the next couple of days. 

Until then, here's a sneak peek at a video I made for 2Peas. Should be up tomorrow:


  1. Wow!!! Your cruise looks so fun. Disney always does things really well! Glad you all had fun. Nico sure has grown up!! He is not a baby anymore!!

  2. SO glad you had a great time! Disney IS the best isn't it?! We went on our 3rd in October and I can honestly say they get better each time! BTW Nico looks SOOO grown up in the 1st photo OMG! Can't wait to see the video and all the wonderful layouts I'm sure to follow with all those great pics! *E*

  3. I was wondering what fabulous destination you had gone off to in your blogging absence!! Looks like you had a wonderful time! Can't wait for the video!

  4. Wow - I love your photos! What an awesome experience!! When my kids were young we went to Disney World quite a bit for vacation but never the cruise. Can't wait to see your fabulous layouts now.