November 1, 2010


Hi everyone! I have a really quick Halloween roundup post. I'm in the middle of creating two pages that I'll have to share by the end of the week, so this will be brief...

First up, the boy won! He came in 2nd place in our neighborhood costume competition. He was so happy and proud. The day before he won a blue ribbon in our town's costume competition. Probably because he was the only NASA astronaut I saw all weekend. Ha!

Singing in his school Halloween parade....

Then I had my some of my favorite kids in the whole world over all day on Halloween (love that!).

And this house in our neighborhood is just...amazing. Every year they do an over the top theme and this year it was Camelot, complete with castle facade, real knights in shining armor, and themed music. There is no way a picture could do this justice. There were police cars and 200 people on the sidewalk, so it was impossible! I love that these folks do's one of Nico's favorite things to do on Halloween now.

And so that's it...1 astronaut, 2 costume competitions, 3 parades, 4 cousins to spend Halloween Day with and 5 parties. How's that for Halloween by the numbers?

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  1. Wow....looks a great time was had and I love his costume!!!

    That house is just awesome!!!

    Wishing you a great week!!!