November 5, 2010

Glorious Twine

Just thought I'd share a quick find with you. Look what I came across today in my searches. Beautiful, glorious, colorful twine. I'm in love. I see many, many twine projects in my near future.
You can find a sample pack here for $14. I think that's pretty cheap for 15 yards of each color considering I paid $4 for the tiny Martha Stewart ones.

Have a great weekend, I'll be back Monday with that Halloween page.


  1. omg I love it!! I am going order now! Thanks so much~~~

  2. I just got my pack I ordered this week and can't wait to play too! The colors are beautiful!!

  3. It's like looking in the window of a candy store! Just love this stuff! Can't wait to get my order!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Most Sincerely,
    Bobby & Jill

  4. Thanks for the FYI. I just ordered some. :)


  5. Thanks Nancy for the enabling!! LOL! I just got my order in today and you are right!It is gorgeous!!