October 12, 2010

I Need an Idea...

We've been invited to an adult Halloween party and I'm so excited! We haven't been to one in years and I can't wait to go. So I've been thinking of couple costumes and I came up with this little beauty right here on the left.

Twilight's Edward & Bella. I think it would be so funny. We could be the old, grown-up, frumpy version. We could do the white makeup, a little old lady sweater for me, I already have the hair, a leather wristband & bouffant for Patrick and I could even carry around an apple just like the book cover. Perfect no?

So I casually suggested this idea to my husband tonight and I got the death stare, unblinking "you must be out your mind woman" look. So then I asked if he would at least like to be a vampire, because I would like that. And he started muttering in Italian and walked away. I'll take that as a 'no'. I think he's getting jealous of RPattz. Ha!

I'm at a loss now. I want something current and comfortable and cute. I think I want to go the route of "famous couple", but I'm stumped.

Any suggestions out there in blogland? Come on folks, help a girl out!


  1. I can so relate with you!!! We went to a costume party several years ago and Joe was not Happy with a thing I picked....

    We finally went as a Pirate and his wench!!! I guess I talked him into it by using Johnny Depp as a cool Pirate!!!

    Good Luck and I can't wait to see what you come up with!!

  2. Well if we go out we're going as Leonard and Penny from The Big Bang Theory! If you know that show you should totally do it. It would be cute, funny and comfy. You'll need a blonde wig for Penny and some dorky clothes/glasses for Leonard! Can't wait to see what you end up doing!

  3. My husband and I are dressing up as a zombie bride and groom. It can be done cheaply. I went to a thrift store and found an old cream dress, a white button down shirt, and black slacks for $20.00. My plan is to rip them up, put some dirt marks, and fake blood on them. I bought a face painting kit at Target for $5.00 and will paint our faces to look like a zombie.
    Good luck with finding the perfect costume and have fun at the party!!

  4. Perhaps he might enjoy being Tony Soprano... he could mutter in Italian all he wanted. ;-)

    And Carmella... just need a lot of bling, cheap tight-fitting clothes & some high heels.

  5. omg the Sopranos - that's funny! He doesn't have that hideous accent or the bald head though...:D

  6. Oh that would of been an awesome idea for you and your husband! I'm guessing him wearing glitter to sparkle like diamonds would be out too?!

    I'm horrible at thinking of suggestions for things like this, that is why I turn to the web ... there are some cute ideas here http://marriage.about.com/od/halloween/ss/couplecostume_2.htm

    I particularily like the Chocolate Bar one :) Good luck and let us know what you choose!

  7. Ooooooo...I know! Sonny and Cher!!! You could do that whole lip thing...funny!!!
    Or...How about the Situation and Snooki!! You could paint abs on a t-shirt for your hubby, and you could do that poof thing she has going on with her hair!! John Lennon and Oko...holy smokes she makes me laugh! Superman and Wonder woman...I could do this all day!

  8. We went one year as Marge and homer Simpson. We put my husband in a bald wig and I got a fitted blue dress and a tall wig (about 18" tall) and spray painted it blue. We got a big mans shirt and he stuffed it ot give him a beer gut and cheep polyester pants. It was actually a pretty good costume. That same year my husbands brother spray painted his hair grey and he put on a business suit and his wife wore a baby doll dress and they went as a business man and his "eye brow raising young wife" it was funny because he was acting all pompous and she was giggly and hanging onto his every word.

  9. Halloween is my holiday. I like it better than Christmas! A couple of years ago me and my husband went as Medusa and Percius. I even got my teenage son to go as a cyclops and my chihuahua to go as a 3 headed dog!

    This year our theme is heros and villians. It will be a fun day!