October 4, 2010

Basic Grey Wander

Good Morning everyone! Today I have a little Basic Grey Wander to share with you. This line was my favorite from all of the recent Basic Grey releases. This is definitely a "travel to the city" themed line, but I wanted to use it for something different. Enter racecars.....

(This layout was made for Right at Home Scrapbooking)

While on vacation this past summer in Ocean City, we came across this Speedworld racetrack where the entire family could race. I can't tell you how much fun Pat and Nico had going around and around on those tracks. It was sweltering hot, there wasn't much pretty scenery and the smell of exhaust was in the air and yet THIS - this was one of their favorite memories from our vacation. Seriously? This must be a BOY thing.

And that led to this page. The identical look of determination on both of their faces and the happy thumbs up make me smile. Sometimes these two are as different in personality as you can get, but in this photo you can see the car love they share.

My favorite part of this layout is the squiggly road sticker and this cool laser cut paper. The entire layout was built around the story (naturally) and the use of these two items.

And in case you were wondering, I rode too. But I was slow and not quite as competitive so I came in dead last. I guess you can say that scrapbook love is more my speed!


  1. GREAT LO!! I'm so happy I found your blog. Feel free to hop on over and visit me: 111.scrappinkymomma.blogspot.com

  2. I just came over here to tell you that I totally adore all of your layouts! I keep discovering your awesome designs every time I click over to the 2peas gallery! Keep Creating!!! We are huge fans of your work

    Pink Paislee

  3. Total cuteness! Those photos are PERFECT for that Wander line!

    We did go karts last year during a trip to AZ & you are RIGHT. Sweltering hot + the smell of exhaust... yummo. I, on the other hand, did enjoy the fast driving part. LOL!

  4. lol go karts are fun. mcwooten1999@carolina.rr.com

  5. nancy-
    i had to come find your blog after admiring so many of your layouts at 2peas lately. just wanted to tell you you are SO very talented. thanks for inspiring me! xxo