July 21, 2010

Disney Rides

I was cleaning out my travel backpack the other day, when I came across this folded up, creased map of the Magic Kingdom. We must've carried it around all day on our last trip. I remembered how Nico kept asking me all day long "which ride is next, Mama?" and how adamant he was about riding more thrill rides and seeing less shows.
Apparently, he wasn't familiar with my freak tendencies when it comes to touring Disney World. I've found over the years that if we get to the parks at rope drop and visit attractions in a certain order, there is no waiting on line since you're always ahead of the crowd. Doing it "my way" means that we get to see every main attraction and are out of the park by 2pm when it gets crazy & hot. Nicolas wasn't hearing that and I had to adjust my plans and expectations. Suddenly I had this little pip with opinions and demands. Ha. I gave in though, after all, these are his childhood Disney memories and I've already had plenty of my own.

All of this paper is from My Mind's Eye So Sophie line (as are the red letters and the cool tickets). I included the map that inspired the page and also a list of Nico's favorite rides at age 4). I am in love with these fabric borders from Little Yellow Bicycle's Boardwalk line and I thought the red fabric circles went perfectly here.

I think this is my current favorite page - because of the memory and the color scheme. Be back soon with Mexico pages!

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