July 19, 2010

and I'm Back...

How can it be that a little over 24 hours ago, those were my feet overlooking the Gulf of Mexico? Sigh. We had a seriously amazing time. The beaches, the people, the resort...all wonderful.
The resort was huge and sprawling. The landscaping was amazing. There were monkeys and iguanas everywhere. This was one of my favorite views.
We spent a day at Xcaret natural reserve. We actually snorkeled through this river, in underground caves and natural pools. It was my favorite thing we did all week. I felt like I was in an episode of "Lost."
See that little hut on the left? That was OURS. We camped out there every late afternoon for a swim and drink.
Oh and did I mention that it was just the two of us? NO parenting for a full week. I seriously had to get used to not worrying about anyone but myself. I missed my little pip something fierce but
I'd by lying if I said the break wasn't great.
So I'm back home, buried under a mountain of laundry and itching to scrap. With some luck, I'll be back Wednesday with a layout or two.


  1. Looks gorgeous. We just returned yesterday from probably the same area-our favorite was Xplore which was right across from Xcaret!

  2. Welcome back. The resort looks amazing. So pretty. I love the pic of your sandy feet with the beautiful blue water. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics.

  3. OK, you have to tell me where this is. I am planning a getaway for my 15th anniv, and this place looks amazing!