May 18, 2009

Never Say Never

So here I am, writing a post on the blog that I swore I would never start. But then a funny thing happened. I started reading a bunch of blogs and I really liked it. I love to start my mornings with a large iced coffee and my beloved blogs.

Every single day I'm inspired by Kelly's, Candice's and Cindy's work (just to name a few). It's a great way to start the day. I love to follow a scrapper's progression through the hobby. It's amazing how much their work evolves over time.

So that got me thinking, and I realized that I would really like to keep a diary of my work too. A place where I can see in black and white where I've been and how my pages (and my boy) have changed over the years. So here I am and that's my story. Let the journey begin!

And um yeah, just so you know from the get go - there'll be alot of Disney pages, alot lot - because I'm one of those Disney freaks that stalks and visits every year. Every. Single. Freakin. Year.


  1. Hi Nan! Congratulations on your blog, I am so excited my favorite scrapper has entered the blog world!! Look forward to drinking my hot coffee and reading your blog every morning!! Oh and just so you know-24 days until Disney for me!!!

  2. OMG girlfriend. You did it. That's wonderful. I have now put you on the top of my Blog reading followed by Ali and Carol. Good stuff. Very exciting.

    Big hugs.


  3. Woohoo!! I'm so glad you started a blog. I will also put it at the top of my list! Love the LO too.
    Lynn :)

  4. I love it!!! I stalk the disboards all the time!!! Hahaha.

  5. This is really cute. I'd like to feature some of your scrapbook ideas on my blog and was wondering if you were interested in putting together a few articles for us? Check out the blog and feel free to contact me at