September 24, 2015

Project Life + Enamel Dots

I've been working on catching up on summer photos in my project life album. Why is it that we take three times the pictures in those short 100 days of summer?

The reason I stayed away from doing project life for so long is because I hate to have a project that I always feel behind on. So I let go of that and just do a monthly spread (or five) depending on how many photos I have and what I want to say. This is what works for me.
Project Life | Nancy Damiano

I had a handful of 3x3photos but no page protectors with a 3x3 pocket. Hello Fuse tool sealer! I added a row of giant, colorful enamel dots to the bottom of the pockets and then sealed them up with the tool. That created a perfect spot for my 3x3 photos straight in the center.

I like to make what I have on hand work. The Fuse has really helped me to stick with that. It's definitely been cheaper to buy the tool than to buy all different page protectors.

If you're wondering what I did with the other side of this page protector - this is it! You have to remember to plan out both sides when you seal up pockets. It was easy enough to repeat the same design on the opposite side - giant enamel dots back to back and all!

SUPPLIES | Giant Enamel Dots | Fuse Tool | Hooray Chipboard | Ombre Ink Pad | Scraptastic This Life Noted


  1. I love your simple layouts! The enamel dots are the perfect touch!

    1. Thanks so much Barbara! I love clean, simple + done. :)

  2. I am revisiting your spreads as I am contemplating starting PL for 2016! You are really inspiring me to get the 9x12 format :)