September 24, 2014

Earlier in the month I was tagged by one of my favorite scrapbookers, Kim Jeffress to participate in the Scrappy Blog Tour. And I failed big time. Back to school, a last minute vacation, football and life just rolled into one big time sucker and blogging took a hit.  I made time to create (because I have to or I’ll die), but writing – not so much. Then time goes by and I’m not sure where to start or what to say. So I decided to begin with a simple Q&A from the hop. I can do that.

1.       What are you working on now? 
      A magazine cover project, a Disneyland page and project life for September. This is what my desk looks like right now:

2.       How long does it take to create a project?  
       2-3 hours usually. But I’ve also taken days. If something is not working, I’ll set it aside and start on another project until I figure out what’s not working.

3.       What are your favorite things to create with right now?  
      Acrylic paint (inspired by Wilna Furstenburg especially), the Shimelle collection and the monthly kit from Scraptastic. This is a peek at some of the things I've bought this month:

4.       How does your creative process work?  
      My pages usually begin with a story and the I find the product to support it. That’s my favorite way to create. Most of my kit club pages begin like this. But when I work for a manufacturer or a magazine, then it’s usually product first and then matching a story to it. This is definitely more difficult but I like the challenge (most of the time).

5.       How do you become inspired and stay inspired?  
       Little doses of Pinterest, but not too much or I just get crippled with sensory overload. And color. I love working with color.

6.       What is your signature style?  
      This is a hard one, because I don’t think I have a really defined style. I like clean lines and bold colors. I like to try to meld current trends with those two staples and that makes me happy!

7.       Who inspires you?  
      I have an eclectic group of favorite scrappers. Jill Sprott, Wilna Furstenburg, Shimelle, Kim Jeffress,  Mel Blackburn, Leanne Allison, Melissa Mann, Nicole Nowosad, and Susan Weinroth.  Each one for a different reason. Some for their words and smarts, some for their photography and style and some for their artsy souls. I have a long list, but those are the first ones that came to mind.

Thanks Kim for nominating me! Maybe this will pull me back from the world of Insta and back to blogging regularly.


  1. Seeing your desk just makes me want to watch you create that LO!!
    TFS Nancy :D

  2. it's good to read you!!! i do like instagram but your blog is fun too! Since i live in France i'm not familiar with the scrappers you mentionned, i need to find their websites, blogs to see the ones i like too! thanks for sharing! Rachel

  3. Your room is so clean!! LOL As is your scrappy table. Envious, as I make a big old mess when I do scrapbook. Your pages are always so beautiful. I totally love the outcome of that page you are starting in that photo above. ;)

  4. I always find it odd to say you've missed someone you've never met...but I missed your blog posts, your family stories and your layouts most of all. I am so glad you are back! (and I really, really want your scrap room!)

  5. Love this ... Scary you were my fav garden girl and to see my name up there as one who inspires you I'm humbled !

  6. I agree with other poster above that said I've missed reading your blog posts. Your scrapbook creations are injection of inspiration.

  7. just stopping by to stalk you ... saying hi and here i am to see my name. speechless. that doesn't happen for me often :)