October 6, 2011


Just getting back from one of my favorite places. A little journey through our trip...

End of September, early October is our favorite time to go to Disneyworld. Low crowds + an awesome Halloween party = a very happy Damiano family.

Here's Woody on the night of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. The fake grin/smile is killing me.
Checking in at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Our room ended up being just behind that palm tree. This was such an awesome hotel.
We've spoiled him with bunk beds when we go on vacation and now he thinks it's "standard". A huge part of being on vacation means sleeping in a top bunk. I see future disappointments ahead for small fry.
He is also randomly breaking out into song quite often. And since we are so NOT a musical, singing-type of family, we're not sure quite what to do with this? But I thought the picture was funny.
Getting made up to be a real pirate.
Introducing Pirate George Truesilver (that's the name they gave him) of Captain Jack Sparrow's League.
Breakfast with the characters and our one and only picture with Mickey Mouse.
He was definitely more excited about meeting the very naughty Stitch.
And the even naughtier, beloved Phineas and Ferb.
Loved the parades. The heat + humidity were unbearable, but at least the parks were empty.
Finally, the night of the Halloween party arrives...
Anxiously waiting to meet Woody at the saloon. He was strutting in those cowboy boots (and we were laughing).
And finally the moment arrives....meeting his movie hero.
That one moment made the entire trip worth it.
We were one tired, hot, exhausted, happy family
No matter how great a trip is, I'm always so happy to come home. I came back with a notebook full of sketches and ideas I want to try. Can't wait to get into my room and start making stuff again. I'll be back very soon with something new from Pink Paislee and Bella Blvd.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Loved your pictures! Hope to see some layouts with them soon! ;) We leave for Disney tomorrow. It's supposed to rain, hopefully we have as good of luck as you! We are going to Halloween party too, so excited!

  2. You have some great photos and some special memories there!! I want to get back down there. Last time I went my littlest was 2.5 and he was scared of the characters. He is such a Toy Story/Woody fan, as well. Love the parades they do. We only saw two.. move it, shake it one you have photo'd and the jammin jungle one. I need to get busy and get them scrapped!!!

  3. Great pictures! We were at DW a week before you in 2011. We left on Oct 1st! It WAS unbearably hot that trip. 94 every day.